Kathy Ahlin RE/MAX Realty Website

Kathy Ahlin RE/MAX Realty Website

Services: web design, cms development, application integration

Kathy Ahlin RE/MAX Realty, which sells residential properties throughout the Concord, NH region, needed a site designed from scratch to showcase its homes available for purchase and disperse important information to first-time buyers. Danconia Media stepped up, designing a clean, yet aesthetically pleasing, site to set the business apart from other real estate companies.

We built the site using a remarkably robust, yet user-friendly, content management system (CMS) that the business will use to maintain the site in-house. Since the CMS is open-source, it is free of annual licensing fees and does not tie the site to any one firm. As part of its package, Kathy Ahlin RE/MAX Realty also received CMS training. The site features about 10 pages of content with information about the business and home-buying issues. On top of that, the site showcases the latest properties available in the greater Concord region.

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